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What Matters with Becky Beck

I help those who grieve find relief, hope, and healing through Christ so they can live a life filled with peace and joy in those things which matter most.


Hi, I'm Becky  

My grief journey began

the day Baby Kevin received his diagnosis. I was 20 weeks pregnant when doctors told us our son was incompatible with life. We declined the option to terminate the pregnancy and chose to let him live, however long that would be.

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Free Resources to help you work through your grief

When you don't feel like doing anything, do a floor 

In this short video I'll teach you how to apply the "floors and ceilings" principle to any task that feels hard or impossible.

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Joy in the Mourning

Mothers who have lost a child share their stories of hope and healing, along with resources for grieving mothers.

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Take your complaints to God

Have you tried lamenting? Learn more about what a lament is, how to do it and the relief it can bring.

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I speak about how to find relief from grief. 

You don't just "get over" the loss of someone you love. But you can "get through it". You will be okay. Even though life will never be the same, you can move forward and find joys you didn't realize were possible. I'd love to show you how.

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The Grief Cycle can help.


This short book may be just what you need to move forward and heal.

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A simple resource to help you process your grief.

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