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with Becky Beck

Creation Coach

I help grieving mothers find hope and healing as they let go of control so they can look to God to create what matters most.

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Losing a child is devastating. 

In a moment, everything can spin out of your control.

You're not alone.

Find support and guidance through stories of hope and healing from other mothers who've lost children, along with simple tools to help you navigate the grief journey.

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March 17-18th, 2023

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As an angel mama and recovering Control Enthusiast I have learned all the tools to help

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What Matters Most, where I journal about my love for family and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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Are you ready to have more time for the things that really matter?


Did you know?  Time is a commodity that can be invested, traded, and multiplied!

In my Take Time to Make Time Mini-Course I'll teach you the system I've used for over 20 years to help you take control of your time so you can create what matters most!

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