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I am a wife to Kevin, my high school sweetheart, a mother, grandmother, and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My relationship with the Lord and my family has always been my highest priority.

Kevin and I married shortly after he returned from his 2 year mission for our church and over the years we've welcomed eight children into our family. Our last child, Kevin Jr (or Baby Kevin as we all called him), was born with the chromosome defect Trisomy 13, and passed away shortly after birth. 

Little did I realize that the loss of a child, an ongoing illness with chronic pain, almost losing our business and home, and my husband’s heart attack--all contributed to triggering my brain to believe it had to take control. 

I would get so frustrated when I wasn’t in control. Especially when it came to my husband. My way was the best way, and when he didn’t agree I took it personally. Over time I knew something wasn’t quite right with me and for many years I prayed for help without much success.

It wasn’t until my late 40’s when I woke up to what was really going on. I was sitting with my husband in an addiction recovery meeting. As Bishop of our congregation he’d been counseling people with addictions and wanted to learn more about the program. I listened as the instructor explained various addictions like drugs, alcohol, gaming, pornography, and food. And then he added, “We also help people with the addiction to control.  People who have an obsessive need to control those around them and only feel okay when other people do what they want”.

In that moment it was as if everyone in the room disappeared and he was talking directly to me. 

After the meeting I turned to my husband and said, “Did you hear what he said about the control stuff?”. He just smiled. He’d been the main recipient of my controlling patterns and most recently my obsessive need to control his diet following his heart attack.

I walked out of that meeting with an awareness that put me on my own path to recovery. I struggled to find resources. I searched and prayed and worked to find information and tools to help me break free from the addiction to control so I could feel better and improve my relationship with my husband.

I'd love to teach you what I've learned and help you access the freedom and peace that comes when you let go of control and let the Lord step in. 

Today I am an author, blogger, and educator.  I create online courses and programs to empower faith-centered women like you, who are tired of feeling stuck on their grief journey, and ready to let go of control and let God help and heal.

Holding onto things outside our control is like gripping a cactus.  I can help you Drop the Cactus so you can live in the present; having the peace and freedom to create what matters most.    

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