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I am a wife to Kevin, my high school sweetheart, a mother, a grandmother, and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My relationship with the Lord and my family has always been my highest priority.

Kevin and I married shortly after he returned from his two year mission for our church and over the years we've welcomed eight children into our family. Our last child, Kevin Jr (or Baby Kevin as we all called him), was born with the chromosome defect Trisomy 13, and passed away shortly after birth. 

My grief journey began the day Baby Kevin received his diagnosis. I was 20 weeks pregnant when doctors told me my son was incompatible with life. We declined the option to terminate the pregnancy and chose to let him live, however long that would be.

Losing my son was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through, and yet somehow, the most beautiful experience of my life. As I took my grief to my Savior, He healed me as I yoked myself to Him. He not only healed my heart, but he healed our entire family in very intimate and personal ways.

Through my experience I learned there are blessings in suffering, and every soul has a purpose--no matter how short their life on this earth may be. I have also come to know that the Lord can turn our sufferings into peace and our sorrows into joy.

I'd love to teach you what I've learned and help you access the freedom and peace you'll find when you let go of control and allow the Lord to step in. 

Today I am an author, blogger, motivational speaker, and educator. I create online courses and programs to empower faith-centered women and men like you, who are working through their grief journey, and ready to let go and let God help and heal your heart.


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"After receiving our fatal diagnosis, hope was the one thing I clung to every day of my pregnancy... As much as I hoped for a miracle, ‚ÄúBut if not...‚ÄĚ I had complete faith in my Heavenly Father‚Äôs plan for our son and I was willing to give him back, whenever God chose to take him."

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